Andrew “Drew” Hays



Hulu, LLC
Seattle, WA
Principal Software Developer, Architect
March 2019 – Present
Senior Software Developer
March 2016 – March 2019
Software Developer
November 2014 – March 2016

Since August 2020, I have led a team of developers focused on unifying the development experience for the web organization. The team focused on building common tools, platforms, and libraries to simplify the development needs on other teams. Projects include libraries like a unified design system built with React components, tools for simplifying the release process, and migrating all of our core services to a Kubernetes ecosystem. This team also improved and simplified Web’s core infrastructure, including our CDN layer, nginx-based routing system, and services like a dynamic configuration service.

In the last few years, I used my role as architect to mentor developers across the organization. Spending time diving in and understanding Hulu’s tech stack and teaching others how it works as well. We also covered a wider variety of web fundamentals, including HTTP requests, cookies, caches (both CDN and browser), network requests, and more. Finally, I helped create a forum for developers to regularly meet and discuss interesting things in the tech space. The group welcomes members from across the company to find topics that are interesting to them and host discussions.

I was the technical lead for many cross-company projects at Hulu. I helped lead the initiative for unifying Hulu and Disney Streaming’s Web tech stacks. I also worked on cross-client initiatives such as coordinating the development of Hulu’s Live Guide feature, from the design of the API to the client architecture across Android, iOS, Web, tvOS, Roku, and Hulu’s browser-based devices.

Seattle, WA
Software Development Engineer
June 2012 – November 2014

I worked as a software developer on Amazon’s Marketplace services for third-party sellers, focusing on services and experiences around managing a merchant’s active orders and returns, as well as integrating with third-party shipping companies to provide integrated shipping labels directly in the merchant portal. The position focused primarily on building Java services and a Perl-based frontend infrastructure.

I designed and led several initiatives for Amazon Marketplace. I built a service and seller-facing API that would allow merchants to process returns in bulk. I also worked on several compliance features including enforcing KYC policies and GDPR for European merchants.

Little Rock, AR
Software Developer, Intern
September 2010 – May 2011

I developed software to test cables, wrote APIs and drivers for other engineers to write their own software for test machines, and developed a partitioned global database that synchronizes serial numbers and test information across multiple facilities using the .NET framework.


University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Little Rock, AR
Mathematics, B.S.
August 2008 – May 2012
Computer Science, B.S.
August 2008 – May 2012